Cervical Spondylitis

What is Cervical Spondylitis ?

Long – Term stiffness in neck bones of Spine, Pain in the neck and shoulders and headache is Called Cervical Spondylitis Gradually this Pain develops to Shoulders, arms and hands. It reduces the Gripping of fingers and Some Times numbers occurs in fingers also. Feeling giddy and dizzy is a sign to cervical spondylitis.

Cause :-  Abdomen disorders and accidentally is man cause of cervical Spondylitis . According to Ayurveda vatta dosh [ Air ]cause cervical pain. In Simple words due to Shelling incervical vertebrae Blood does not circulate, or poor circulation to Arms and brains .

We know that each cell of our body needs oxygen and glucose and only this is possible through blood circulate are Where blood circulation is poor 1, Vitamins mineral’s protein and oxygen is not transported Properly at that place if blood circulation is not proper how our eyes and ear drums brain Starts to weaken day by day. Eye sight starts to decrease and problems related with ears take places.

If many be harmful or dangerous to ignore it. With the passage of time brain cells start to die due to lac of oxygen.

Cause :- Wrong position of sleeping.

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